Protech joints originated from hot forging, but are superior due to our cold forging process

Our products are made 100% of net-shape forged prototypes. The cavities, inner spherical surfaces and, grooves are net-shape forged as a whole with the benefits of precise sizes, energy conservation and, environmental protection. Contrasted to traditional hot forged parts, our products retain 25% more tensile strength and torsion resistance due to our cold forging process.

Protech precision machining

Protech excellent product quality originates from the CNC lathes and heat treatment carburizing furnaces made in Japan, grinding machines and spline hobbing machines made in Taiwan. Our advanced processing technic facilitates the double spherical arc structure of the grooves and inner races ensuring the 4-point contact of the steel balls. Our product durability is 20% better than that of conventional singular spherical joints, hence extended product life.

Strict quality control and assembly

The excellent products stem from our constant pursuit of quality. Protech rigorously implements ISO9001-2008 quality system and ISO/TS16949 control system which strictly carries through quality control and process control. The magnetic particle inspection is applied to 100% of the joints after the major heat treatment. The inner joint cavity is matched 100% one-on-one with its tripod. The strict quality control of assembly determines the final standard of quality products. In the assembling process, we strictly control the total length of the driving shafts, retractability, fit clearance and the NVH (Noise, Vibration & Hardness) performance of the complete assemblies. The exhaustive standards of OE quality control are implemented throughout the manufacturing process.