AAR Tripod Design & Chromium Steel joints

Introducing the AAR Tripod on applications matching OE designs To Reduce Vibration

Tripod Plunging (AAR) Joint (Angular Adjusted Roller)

In addition to the properties of the standard tripod joint, the low plunging resistance and low axial forces of the AAR joint delivers additional NVH (Noise, Vibration & Hardness) refinement, making it appropriate for high working angles. It has a maximum articulation angle of 26 degrees and a 50mm plunge length.

Standard Tripod Plunging Joint

The standard tripod joint is suitable for the inboard gear box joint of a constant velocity side shaft to most vehicles. It has a maximum articulation angle of 23 degrees and has a plunge length of 50mm. It is ideal for medium working angles and its low plunge resistance aids good VNV (Noise, Vibration & Hardness) characteristics.